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18ct gold vs 9ct gold – Which is more durable?

Originally posted on 22/10/2013 by Michael

Many people want to know if 9ct gold is tougher than 18ct gold, this question gets asked a lot so we decided to put this to rest here. The short answer to this question is ‘NO’. Many people even a few experts seem to be surprised by this answer especially since many people think that 9 carat gold is harder and so wears better than 18 carat gold.

So what leads people to believe this? Well it’s really the confusion surrounding their belief that 9ct gold is harder and so is more durable than 18ct gold. So, there is a clear confusion between two different terms i.e. “hardness” and “durability”.

It is important to understand that durability and hardness are two different things. Since 9ct gold has less purity it is slightly brittle where 18ct is a bit more resilient. Yes 9ct gold is harder when you compare it to 18ct gold, but the hardness here reduces the durability of 9ct gold when it comes to everyday wear and tear.

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