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Fancy Coloured Diamonds

There is perhaps one in every 10,000 diamonds that have natural colour and are referred to as fancy colour diamonds. This is why fancy coloured diamonds are often purchased exclusively for their distribution of colour and intensity. The criteria considered when buying a white or colourless diamond like clarity and proportions happen to be less important when buying fancy coloured diamonds.

The information provided below will enable you to understand fancy diamonds to find one that is right for you.

The colour intensity is the measure of the richness and deepness of the colour, this is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a fancy coloured diamond. Because intense colours are rare they tend to be more valuable. Fancy colour diamonds are often graded in order of their increasing colour intensity from faint to very light, and fancy intense and fancy deep.

The following pricing factors are applied to appraising a diamond:


The carat weight of a diamond has the most impact on its price. When mined large diamonds are rare as compared to smaller ones. This obviously makes larger diamonds more valuable. This is why diamond prices, even of fancy diamonds will rise exponentially with their carat weight. You can learn more about carat weight here.


Because of the nature of the colour diamonds, the clarity happens to be a less important factor unlike their colourless counterparts. This is also true because the colour will mask the inclusions.


Fancy colour diamonds need to be cut in a way that emphasizes their colour. This is in contrast with clear diamonds that need to be cut in order to maximize their sparkle. But the sparkle of a coloured diamond can distract the viewer from the diamond itself. Even though fancy colour diamonds may still exhibit brilliance, the colour is still the most important characteristic when being cut.


Even though the cut will describe the diamond’s light performance, finish and dimensions the shape will refer to the overall outline of the diamond when it is viewed from above.  It is also very important to note that many fancy diamonds need to be cut into non-traditional shapes in order to enhance their natural colourful beauty. Because these diamonds are so rare specific shapes and colours may not always be available.


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