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Jewellery Care Tips

Originally posted on 11/11/2013 by Michael

Using harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine and other household solvents can cause permanent damage to your jewellery. Harsh chemicals can be damaging to the polish and the finish of your jewellery often leaving your precious stones looking dull. You should also avoid using nail polish remover, hairspray and anything other than genuine jewellery cleaning solutions.

Cleaning diamond jewellery

You can care for your diamond jewellery by soaking it in warm water and use a bit of dish washing detergent to scrub behind the diamond using a tooth brush. Then rinse in warm water in order to remove all the residue and allow it to dry.

Care for your pearls

In order to care for pearls you need to wipe them thoroughly using a soft cloth after every time you wear them in order to remove perfume residue and natural oil from your skin.

When you are removing your jewellery always store them in a protective pouch or a box that is provided at the time of purchase. All precious items of your jewellery needs to be stored individually in order to avoid scratches or damage as a result of rubbing or collision.

Everyday care

When engaging in sports or housework always remove your jewels in order to avoid inevitably losing them or even damaging them. You should avoid wearing rings when gardening, showering, playing sports or cleaning.


Perhaps one of the best things you can do to ensure that your jewellery lasts forever is to get them serviced once a year by a professional. This will also involve a thorough inspection of its setting and a good cleaning methodology. Also, white gold jewellery will require a regular coating of Rhodium in order to maintain their bright finish.

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