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Jewellery Care Tips

Originally posted on 11/11/2013 by Michael 

Using harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine and other household solvents can cause permanent damage to your jewellery. Harsh chemicals can be damaging to the polish and the finish of your jewellery often leaving your precious stones looking dull. You should also avoid using nail polish remover, hairspray and anything other than genuine jewellery cleaning solutions.

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18ct gold vs 9ct gold – Which is more durable?

Originally posted on 22/10/2013 by Michael

Many people want to know if 9ct gold is tougher than 18ct gold, this question gets asked a lot so we decided to put this to rest here. The short answer to this question is ‘NO’. Many people even a few experts seem to be surprised by this answer especially since many people think that 9 carat gold is harder and so wears better than 18 carat gold.

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Platinum Vs White Gold – What’s the difference?

Originally posted on 22/8/2013 by Michael 

Many of our clients have asked us to differentiate between white gold and platinum. Both these metals are often confused because to the regular buyer both of them look alike. Platinum and white gold are both shiny white, and both of them can be set with gemstones and diamonds. Which is why people want to know the difference.

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Dora Rings

Dora Wedding Rings

MG Jewellers is a proud supplier of Dora Wedding Rings.

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