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Jewellery Remodeling
Jewellery Remodeling
Many people own a piece of jewellery that they do not wear and so for them we await the opportunity to transform their precious piece of outdated jewellery into the latest work of art. Our expert jewellery ….
Jewellery Repairs
Jewellery Repairs
People are strongly advised to get their jewellery checked on a regular basis for safety catches, security settings and wear. At MG Jewellery we provide our clients with complimentary ring cleaning service,….
Custom Jewellery
Custom Jewellery
Custom; it’s what we do. From the simplest wedding band to the most complex of rings, every ring is customized in our design process. Using our computer aided design system, we work closely with the client ….

Every item we manufacture in house. This means you get the choice of looking at different quality diamonds and deciding what’s right for you! #diamond #engagementring ...

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Custom made in 18ct white gold, featuring a 5ct padparadscha sapphire, flanked by tapered baguettes.

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If you are considering Jewellery Insurance, we suggest you look into Q Report as they specialize in Insuring your precious purchases.⁠
If you need help obtaining a quotation from them, please get in touch with us.⁠

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This 1.25ct oval Lab Grown diamond ticked all the boxes in our client's brief, being an E in colour and VS2 in clarity. ⁠
Lab Grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and offer an alternative to natural diamonds.⁠

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Amazing Australian sapphire. Surrounded by diamonds set in white gold. Australian sapphires don’t get used enough!

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Round brillInt cut. Classic 6 claw MG signature design. 1.3ct #labgrowndiamonds ...

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Just a quick snapshot of what we do every day. And we throughly enjoy it!! We hope you like this little video!
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Congratulations to our clients ❤️⁠
It's not often we get to share these intimate moments with our clients, but how much thought did the Groom-to-be put into this proposal? He hired a professional photographer to pretend she was doing promotional shots at a winery, when the photographer asked if she could photograph the couple the Groom-to-be got down on one knee. Of course, the bride-to-be said YES!⁠
Thank you for sharing your special moment with us, we feel very privileged to be a part of your special day.⁠

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One very lovely laboratory grown Diamond with a hidden halo.
Laboratory grown diamonds are becoming very popular. The price is incredibly approachable and they are identical to earth mined diamonds.
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Diamond Stud Earrings are such a classic staple in any jewellery collection. You can choose to wear them every day or for special occasions. This pair was made for a special wedding anniversary. ❤️⁠

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Classic 1ct oval set it white gold halo! Using a GIA certified Diamond; custom made by our team in Hallam.
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Sapphire and diamond ring remodel. We re-designed our client's existing ring into a ring that utilised all of their stones in an easy-to-wear style.⁠

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