Crafting Process

MG Jewellery Designs prides itself on using a combination of traditional hand crafting and finishing techniques alongside modern jewellery manufacturing methods. A computer program called “Matrix” is used to design jewellery in 3D. This allows for our craftsmen to design an item like a diamond ring in 3D and then render the image so that the customer can see how the finished product will look.


The reason why we have chosen to use this method of manufacturing as opposed to mass producing jewellery is because we want to offer something unique. This does away with the traditional complaint that people have with jewelers i.e. not knowing how a piece of jewellery will look like until it’s finished. Even after our clients see a rendering of the jewellery they can still suggest changes and tweak the piece until they like what they see. This helps to eliminate a lot of the misunderstanding and mistrust that has become a common place in the custom jewellery making industry.



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