MG Jewellery Designs

MG Jewellery Designs is a family run and owned business established by Michael Glendenning. His team of dedicated jewellers draws on over a hundred years of jewellery industry experience to craft the latest most elegant jewellery to suit any occasion, dress and personal taste.


Established in 2008, MG Jewellery Designs was formed with a vision of delivering custom Jewellery to the end user. This was a change in direction for the family run business; the business had been manufacturing jewellery for over 60 years and only worked at a wholesale level dealing direct to the trade. However, Michael felt that it was time to give the business a new arm. The decision was made partly seeing the impending decline of Australian made jewellery; he knew his family’s expertise was enough to kick start the process of creating high level customized jewellery.


Today, MG Jewellery is based in Hallam Victoria.

What do we do differently?


Unlike other Jewellery manufacturers where you’re stuck with choosing from what they have already mass produced, at MG Jewellery Designs you deal with our team of in house jewellers. The amazing thing about our business is that the design studio, workshop and sales outlet is all under one roof. The advantage of this is that we are able to deliver custom made jewellery as per your specifications in the shortest time span, and of the highest quality.
Our Jewellery design experts specialize in handcrafted engagement rings, earrings and wedding bands all of which are first designed using Computer Aided Design software. In addition, our clients can also buy loose diamonds at unbeatable workshop prices. In addition to regular rings, bands and earrings we also make an array of other types of jewellery like bracelets, pendants, diamond earrings and fine jewellery.

Since all aspects of this process are performed onsite almost all the pieces we sell are made to order, working on site also allows us to price everything competitively since we’re not required to carry large amounts of stock. The end result is great looking jewellery at unbeatable prices.